Metzger Meyer

Delicious specialties butcher!

All "Metzger Meyer"-products are available in 1200ml cans,
some items in 325ml cans.

  • Pea stew

    Very tasty, classical prepared and ready-to-serve pea stew. With smoked pork, potatoe pieces, carrots and onions.

  • Barley stew

    The finest pearl barley with smoked pork, carrots, onions, leeks and herbs and spices give this tasty stew, prepared according to traditional recipes.

  • Grüne Bohnentopf

    Green Bean stew

    Green Beans with smoked meat, enriched with small potatoe pieces and tender carrot- and onion pieces, flavourd with herbs.

  • Chicken rice stew

    A lot of vegetables like carrots, kohlrabi, cauliflower, peas and leek gently prepared with a portion of chicken meat and carefully selected rice results in this tasty chicken rice stew.

  • Potato Cremesoupe with Chanterelles

    A very tasty Potato Soup with small, steamed chanterell-pieces and onions, creamy prepared and with cream refined.

  • Potato Creme Soup with porcinis

    A very tasty Potato Soup with small, steamed porcini-pieces and onions, creamy prepared and with cream refined.

  • Potato Soup

    Heartly and tasty Potato Soup with a lot of potatoes with carrots, peas, celery, leek and onion and with smoked pork.


  • Lentil stew

    This hearty and tasty lentil stew with smoked pork, potatoes and carrots tastes like homemade.

  • Mexikanischer Bohnentopf

    Mexican Bean stew

    Typical mexican bean stew with red and white beans, pork sausage, carrots, green beans, onions and paprika. Prepared a little bit spicy.

  • Partysoup Midnight soup

    Our popular classic. With firey paprika, pieces of potato and smoked meat. Very tasty and perfect for every Party!

  • Pichelsteiner stew

    The Pichelsteiner stew offers a tasty, colourful vegetable mix with white cabbage, potatoes, carrots porree and green beans.

    Refined with smoked pork.

  • Mushroom stew

    Delicate meal with 15 % steamed mixed mushrooms refined by potatoes, carrots, onions green beans and porree. With smoked pork.

  • Serbian Bean stew

    White Beans with smoked pork, a lot of tomatoes, paprika and onions give these Bean stew a typical taste serbian style.

  • Solyanka

    Classic Solyanka with numerous ingredients as white cabbage, cucumbers, carrots, pork sausage, onions paprika ans sauerkraut refined with sour creme.